Visa Trading Business Goes On As Usual In Kuwait

Visa Trading Business Kuwait 2019

95% Expats who bought visas do not work for their sponsors.

It is business like any other, where the people who are trading in visas have decided not to be harsh on those who buy visa or residence permit from them, reports Al-Rai daily.

It is no longer necessary, given the current economic slowdown, for the visa buyer to pay the money all at once.

The expatriate now has the option to pay in installments like any other commodity. Some of those who are involved in this trade say expatriates can now pay in monthly installments of 25 or 30 dinars and say this is a comfortable system that relieves the difficult conditions that the labor market is going through during the current period.

They explained that the worker pays amounts ranging from 25 to 35 dinars per month, for a year or two, and that the interest rate increases with the increase of the installment period.

According to them, the residence permit is sold for between 750 and 800 dinars for two years, and between 450 and 500 dinars for one year, but the health insurance fees and other charges are not included which have to be borne by the worker.

This is in addition to depositing with the sponsor the value of one month’s salary which the employer deposits and withdraws every month to protect himself and his company from the law.

They stressed there are intermediaries who arrange deals, whether they are offices or individuals, pointing out the deals are made electronically, and added about 95 percent of those who obtain these residences, do not work for their sponsors.

They added that the cash payment system is still available, but a majority of those seeking to transfer residences are resorting to the installment system which allows them to stop payment in case of any problem, especially as those companies which sell residence permits are illegal and their files may be closed by the ministry any moment.

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