Schengen exemption negotiations reach advanced stage

Schengen exemption negotiations Kuwait 2019

Kuwait has reached an advanced stage in negotiations with the European Union to exempt Kuwaiti nationals from the Schengen visa, said well-informed government sources. The government has been working hard for a while now to secure free travel in European countries by getting the Schengen visa exemption.

The sources added that Kuwait’s foreign ministry had been conducting constant contacts and that the EU would issue a decision on exempting Kuwaitis form the Schengen visa soon as most EU countries would vote for the proposal within the next year. The sources explained that an EU meeting will be held soon to study all exemption applications including that made by Kuwait, adding that the committee in charge has already reviewed it, pointing out that all Kuwaiti visitors go to Europe for tourism, medical treatment, education or business, and that none of them has ever been reported as a refugee.

In other news, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) issued a resolution regulating the violations and penalties to be followed for non-financial businesses and professions regarding money laundering and terrorism funding. A press release issued by MoCI explained that the charter includes 12 violations concerning policies and procedures, the appointment and authorities of an auditor, appointing and training employees, risk assessment, bookkeeping, violating Kuwaiti financial investigation regulations, foreign ministry, Security Council and MoCI regulations and those concerning gold, precious stones and metals and real estate brokerage.

MoCI added in case suspicions of money laundering or terrorism funding are proven, relevant authorities will be notified to take legal actions as per article number 15 of law number 106/2013.

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